Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register an account to participate?

Yes - since we are a community, we promote a mutual engagment with our site members and those who visit and benefit from our knowlege-base and member expertise. Rest assured, any information you provide will be held in strict confidence and will never be shared, with or without consent, with any 3rd party entity.

Is all the data found on this site the property of

No - as with most things in life, we learn from the experiences of others in this industry. From this knowledge, we make improvements and additions to enhance those foundational experiences; hopefully to the betterment of our industry. In addition, the internet has created a weath of public domain content that we have collected and categorized for your convenience.

Can I list my services on this site?

Absoutely - if you would like to make your services available to our users, you can register your business through this link. Upon registeration, you will be contact to verify your information and you will be added to the site.

Is there a cost to use this site?

No - while we do require you to register to access our MEMBERS area, we do not charge a fee to access the content. As part of the membership agreement, we do request each member actively participate in the FORUMS section by adding content or posting questions. Additionally, data-mining of our site content is strictly prohibited. We use a software program to monitor data-mining activities and any member found in violation of this policy will have their account deleted and they will be banned ffrom the site.

Is this an Okuma Corporation website?

NO - is an independent community site where end-users of Okuma machine tools utilizing the Okuma OSP-THINC control can collaborate and contribute to a common knowledge-base. share no official affiliation with Okuma Corporation, their distributors, or Partners in THINC unless otherwise specified.